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The Zap-O-Mat is a semi-automatic belay tool based on the tubestyle belay device. It is considered semi-automatic as the belayer does not have to touch the device to pay out rope evenly and quickly. The braking resistance of the Zap-O-Mat can be adjusted for rope size, new or old ropes, or to climbing style. When the green button is pressed in, rope can be given out faster. When the button is released, the spring in the handle is relaxed and the bolt has less resistance, increasing the braking force. The Zap-O-Mat's integrated carabiner arrest increases the braking power. The Zap-O-Mat is useful when working routes, top roping or when the climber is heavier than the belayer. The unit doesn’t have to be removed from the harness to thread the rope, increasing safety and eliminating the risk of being dropped and lost on long routes. Useable for all single ropes from 8.9 to 10.5 mm.

  • Model: 7709

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